A Nettle crew goes photomapping at the construction site of the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant. NNPP-2 is the object of RosAtom, russian state corporation. The photo maps will be used to create a virtual holographic maquette of the site.

Usually the Nettle team uses engineering blueprints and colour scheme solutions to create virtual holographic maquettes. However, modelling industrial facilities, especially as enormous and as complex as a nuclear power plant, requires exhaustive data in order to be realistic and visually convincing. Photography is often a good source of additional information for this purpose.

During the photomapping session at the NNPP-2 construction site the Nettle crew visited the reactor building and the turbine hall where equipment assembly and installation is currently in full progress. The power plant is a new nuclear power station type known under the NPS-2006 designation. It uses the VVER-1,200 reactor rated at 1.2 GW. The first section of the power plant whose construction is underway will have an output of 2,400 MW. Future plans include the construction of two more units. Work on the NNPP-2 is expected to usher in serial production of nuclear power stations in Russia.