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Sep 08 2015 16:33
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Jun 22 2015 19:33
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Apr 14 2015 14:33
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A Nettle crew goes photomapping at the construction site of the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant. NNPP-2 is the object of RosAtom, russian state corporation. The photo maps will be used to create a virtual holographic maquette of the site.

Usually the Nettle team uses engineering blueprints and colour scheme solutions to create virtual holographic maquettes. However, modelling industrial facilities, especially as enormous and as complex as a nuclear power plant, requires exhaustive data in order to be realistic and visually convincing. Photography is often a good source of additional information for this purpose.

During the photomapping session at the NNPP-2 construction site the Nettle crew visited the reactor building and the turbine hall where equipment assembly and installation is currently in full progress. The power plant is a new nuclear power station type known under the NPS-2006 designation. It uses the VVER-1,200 reactor rated at 1.2 GW. The first section of the power plant whose construction is underway will have an output of 2,400 MW. Future plans include the construction of two more units. Work on the NNPP-2 is expected to usher in serial production of nuclear power stations in Russia.

Dec 01 2014 15:31
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Nov 25 2014 16:29
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A daily business newspaper RBK daily, Russia’s leading business publication, is running a large article about Nettle.
The article is of particular interest because it presents the company not just as a technological innovator, but as a business model, spotlighting its role in the industry of virtual reality.   It is a recommended read for those who wish to get an inside look at the life of our company.
May 15 2014 18:47
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The spring has come and NettleBox has returned to Cannes again. HALS-Development JSC, an old client of ours and one of Russia’s leading development companies, used Nettle’s holographic equipment to present its development sites.

MIPIM, the world’s largest and prestigious property exhibition venue, traditionally brings together the most influential players and trend setters in the area of presentational solutions.

This year’s event featured seven virtual mock-ups presented on NettleBox. Compared to last year, NettleBox presentations at MIPIM-2014 made use of several new capabilities of the equipment, such as exploration of building interiors, interaction with mock-ups via a tablet, and displaying the view through the user’s glasses on an auxiliary screen.

Just as last year, this year’s virtual holographic mock-ups received considerable attention from the world’s construction, project development, and marketing elite. They attracted numerous visitors who wanted to have a look at the latest trends in the area of architectural presentations.

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Mar 21 2014 14:31
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In the article titled “How to make money off technology: Eight stories of success” Forbes Russia spotlights a number of high-tech companies that have gone to success in Russia.

The article sums up the companies’ key achievements and their paths to the elite of high-tech business. One of the vignettes in the article is devoted to Nettle.

Getting the attention of such a media giant as Forbes is, without any doubt, a privilege. We hope that this level of attention reflects our business and high-tech excellence. It is also our humble hope that Forbes will give our company broader coverage in the future.

Feb 04 2014 18:07
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On October 16-17 Moscow will host the XI International Conference titled Audiovisual Technologies and Control Systems: from Ideas to Implementation. This venue traditionally attracts representatives of the world’s leading producers of audiovisual and interactive hardware and companies working in system integration.

The conference participants will discuss the latest trends in the global and domestic audiovisual market and the attending experts will exchange views on the key developments in the industry. The participating companies will exhibit their latest gadgetry. Nettle will be demonstrating its latest projects in the area of interactive presentations. In the demo area the visitors will be able to explore the newest version of the NettleBox holographic desk and talk to Andrey Desyatov and Pyotr Sevostyanov, the company’s CEO’s.

The conference will be held at the Event Hall S.H.E.L.K. on the 2nd floor in the Klassika and the Modern conference rooms.

The address of the conference venue is 12 Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya, building 8, 119435 Moscow, Russia.

Oct 15 2013 22:38
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In cooperation with the Rain TV channel, is the creator of a series of programs called Start-up Capital: The Rest is just a Matter of Technique that focuses on high tech and the people behind it. The latest edition of the program features the Nettle team.

The Start-up Capital: the Rest is just a Matter of Technique program puts first-time IT entrepreneurs and those who wish to join their ranks into the limelight. The show dedicated to Nettle features Andrey Desyatov and Petr Sevostianov who discuss the history of their startup and future plans. The show’s camera crew visited Nettle’s office and lab and follows up on the company’s participation in Russian and US exhibitions.

You can watch the entire show at

Oct 03 2013 20:00
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