Nettle’s unique solution ushers in a novel approach to presenting architectural, urban, and engineering projects. Virtual holography combines the visual immediacy of a classical maquette with the interactive capabilities of virtual models.
NettleBox - Floors

Imagine that you could remove the roof or outer walls from a maquette of a building or an apartment complex to explore the interiors. Or you could change the color of a façade. Or make an elevator move. Imagine that kids are playing in the yard of an apartment complex maquette and cars are pulling into its parking lot. Imagine that you could use one and the same presentation to examine apartment interiors in great detail and then scale up to the construction plans for the entire apartment complex. The virtual reality display developed by NettleBox will give you all these options and more. Its innovative technology delivers a new generation of holographic architectural maquettes that are three-dimensional, scalable, and interactive.

New presentational capabilities

NettleBox can display not only static objects but it can also animate them, bringing the maquette to life. Virtual holography provides an interactive 3D model, which opens up considerable presentational opportunities, such as fully interactive virtual objects. Users can change the materials and interiors in real time with the help of a touchpad, tablet, or other device. NettleBox can display any functional scenario, such as traffic or pedestrian movements. It is also possible to rescale objects. Objects can be scaled up to produce a higher level of detail or scaled down to explore landscapes. NettleBox can also reproduce various lighting schemes, such as dynamic daytime-nighttime transitions or façade lighting. Some objects can receive contextual information by superimposing such data as square footage, technical specifications, etc. Taken together, all these features make presentations highly informative, visually appealing, and memorable. In this way, presentations become mini-shows.

New functionality

Apart from the obvious visual advantages, the new technology provides its users with a number of additional functions:

  • Portfolio integration. NettleBox is a tool for integrating a company’s entire portfolio. One display can be used for displaying an unlimited number of objects simply by changing the software content.
  • Flexibility.NettleBox has another useful feature. It enables the designer or developer to make changes to the maquette as the project progresses. During a project’s lifetime it can see many changes in its architectural solutions and layouts. NettleBox incorporates all these changes seamlessly as they arrive without affecting the overall look of the maquette.
  • Accessibility of content. Professional content for the unit can be developed either by the manufacturer (at Nettle’s 3D studio) or by third parties specializing in 3D modeling. It is possible to add customized interactive features to each holographic maquette.
  • Easy transportability. Despite the cutting edge technology, NettleBox displays are easy to use. They can be transported easily and do not require additional adjustments after transportation.