HyperSurface — projection-based holographic maquettes.

The HyperSurface product line extends the range of VR systems produced by Nettle. HyperSurface solutions use various surfaces for projection and allow the effective use of meeting-room, showroom or exhibition stand space for demonstrations utilizing animated holographic maquettes.

The HyperSurface product line extends the abilities and appliance of virtual holograms. Holographic maquettes, whether rising from the floor or a table, a holographic 3d tour projected against a wall, a holographic ”view through a window”, or just a regular holographic presentation, it all becomes a reality with HyperSurface!

Using HyperSurface for your exhibition equipment allows making an impressive and effective presentation of your product.

  • The directional projection technology allows using any table, floor, or wall as a surface for the holograms. These surfaces does not contain any technological components and HyperSurface will keep working even if make changes to the layout of the area. For example, if you want to replace a meeting table with another, move it, or just put some objects upon it.

  • Mechanical alignment of projectors. The high precision mechanical system of projector alignment provides a smooth image with no seams from multiple projectors and guarantees a “pixel-to-pixel” display.

  • Add-on screen support. HyperSurface can use an add-on screen for displaying the virtual scene from the same angle that a user wearing the 3D glasses sees it. This screen is synchronized with the main HyperSurface screen and can also display additional info about objects: infographics, videos, photos, etc.

  • Ergonomic assembly and use. A calibrated and tested HyperSurface can be mounted as a one-piece unit to the ceiling. In the event of any problems the HyperSurface can be easily unmounted and sent to the manufacturer for service.

The HyperSusface product line contains three products:

  • HyperSurfaceUno – basic single-projector solution. Screen resolution 1280х720.
  • HyperSurfaceDuo – two-projector solution. Screen resolution 2560х720 or 1280х1440.
  • HyperSurfaceUltimate – elite solution based on two FullHD projectors. Powerful graphic subsystem. All-in-one. Screen resolution 3840×1080 or 1920х2160.