Holographic maquettes NettleBox is a modern presentation solution for exhibitions, conference rooms, and marketing campaigns that delivers a powerful visual punch.
NettleBox generates virtual holograms indistinguishable from real world objects. The Motion Parallax 3D technology makes the viewer believe in the reality of the virtual objects.
Virtual holograms displayed by NettleBox possess the visual immediacy of traditional maquettes combined with the interactive features of virtual models. Virtual holographic imagery is ideally suited for creating presentational content.
  • The capability to display both static and dynamic (animated) objects
  • Photorealistic graphics (shades, reflections, etc.)
  • A high degree of detail in a compact installation package (scene movement and scaling capability)
  • The ability to demonstrate your company’s entire portfolio on one device
  • Interactive presentation controls: one-button launch of scenario elements (backlighting for the scene elements, details of the internal design, etc.)
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Virtual holography in architecture

NettleBox - Architect
Nettle’s solution is a unique technology that introduces a completely new approach to presenting architectural, urban, and engineering projects and relies on fully realistic and controllable virtual holographic imagery.

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The NettleBox visualization system with a plasma screen is available to order in several configurations:
  • Standard – a 50′ diagonal screen
  • Premium – a 65′ diagonal screen
The delivery package includes:
  • Equipment
  • Software (prepackaged with a module for integrating with Unity 3D)
  • Customized demonstration materials


Standard NettleBox visualization systems with a 50’ screen are available for rent.


We are offering to use Unity 3D, the most popular tool for creating real-time visualizations for the NettleBox presentation unit.

NettleBox can be integrated with other 3D engines.

You can order your personalized content from us. We know how to make your presentation the most appealing, exciting, and informative. The content price will depend on the size of your planned presentation, complexity of animations, and interactive capabilities of the virtual scene.

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