NettleDesk is a new comprehensive educational solution by Nettle that provides tools for creating virtual holograms on student workstations. When outfitted with a tracking device, 3D glasses and a 3D stylus, a conventional student workstation turns into a capable holographic lab.
Virtual holography enables the user to interact with virtual objects in a natural way, as if they were real world objects. Presentations using this technology provide unrivalled immediacy.

NettleDesk in education

NettleDesk is an ideal solution for educational purposes. It can be used both in science and arts classes as a tool for displaying static and animated interactive models, dissecting them into layered elements and studying the internal structure of various objects.
Using NettleDesk, a student can explore the material world at the microscopic and macroscopic level. He or she can observe nuclear reactions inside stars, watch microorganisms swimming in the primordial soup, assemble an enzyme molecule, conduct a physics experiment, prove a theorem in stereometry, or admire masterpieces of world culture. All this wealth of capabilities is available on a workstation fitted with just one device.

3D prototyping with NettleDesk

NettleDesk is an ideal solution for holographic prototyping. It can be used to preview a model before 3D printing, which expands the capabilities of the 3D lab quite dramatically.

  • saves time, materials and extends the lifespan of equipment used in 3D printing
  • allows for previewing models with a high degree of detail
  • provides the option of scaling while displaying details of any size
  • can help dissect an object or disassemble and reassemble it
  • exposes design mismatches and clashes
  • is capable of animating the workings of machine parts and letting the viewer observe how the entire mechanism functions
  • can display materials realistically (metals, plastics, etc.)
  • can display the entire model database of the 3D lab on a single device
  • is a great vehicle for presenting holographic prototypes at exhibitions
  • offers the option of emailing 3D holograms
NettleDesk can display content created with the help of the most popular modeling and design software.


NettleDesk is available for orders both as a standalone unit and as part of an integrated solution.

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