On 8th November, 2012, Nettle will showcase its technologies at one of the most important IT events in Russia.

The CNews Forum will be providing a networking venue for state officials, IT-directors from some of Russia’s largest companies, and top managers from Russia’s key IT firms.

The CNews Forum organizers have stated that their main goal is to share the latest changes and trends in cutting edge information technologies from Russia and explore the future prospects of the industry for the coming years.

In addition to our company, the forum will welcome both Russian and foreign companies, such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Nov 01 2012 18:35
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The article examines the main mechanisms of visual perception and discusses the science behind the MotionParallax3D effect.

There are three main mechanisms that permit our brain to obtain information about the shape of objects in the environment and the distance to them:

  • Stereoscopic (binocular) vision
  • Parallax
  • Focusing
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Oct 15 2012 01:46
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Nettle will participate in IDCEE-2012, one of the largest European innovation conferences in the IT area.

For this exhibition our team has prepared a special customized demonstration, a holographic tree; the long standing logo of the conference.

IDCEE (Investor Day of Central and Eastern Europe) is one of the largest European venues that bring together investors and IT specialists.

IDCEE-2012 visitors will have the opportunity to see the NettleBox presentation kit and meet its designers.

We will be waiting to see you between the 18th and 19th of October, 2012, in Kiev, at ACCO International (40-B Prospekt Pobedy).

We welcome you to our exhibit!

Oct 10 2012 22:52
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